Proteran Termosk'uer

Holy knight seeking a worthy domain


Strength: 14
Dexterity: 9
Constitution: 10
Wisdom: 15+1
Intelligence: 7
Charisma: 10
HP: 9 (5+4)

AC: 7 (full plate + shield)
AV: 10 (1d6+1 Falcata)
ST: 7
Holy Symbol (wooden)
Lantern + Lamp oils
Base abilities:
- +1 Initiative bonus, you may swap your initiative roll with a slower ally.
- You can shout advice, spend a combat action and pass a save to add 1d6 to an ally’s AV or ST for one round.
-Has an additional group on Charisma stat, likely vocational
- +2 ST against group effects, if you succeed on your save all allies affected gain +1 to their ST.
Slot Ability
1. With an action, Proteran can form his allies in a defensive line. Allies gains +2 AC and +2 ST until someone moves from the line or an ally falls.


Proteran Termosk’uer, also known as the professor, hails from a northern spine of mountains, the Wretched Maw. There are several large religious fortresses within the range. Prot was given to the monks of the Order of the Black Ram as a child soldier. Raised in an unforgiving climate, by callous monks and harsh doctrine, Prot became an acolyte (child soldier) at the young age of 7. He flourished in the waves of combat among his peers, securing him a place within the hierarchy of the warrior monks. Martial law ruled his adolescence. Once he came of age, he was given leave of the mighty fortress Crostak and sent to mountain base settlements to fend of barbarian raids, and the furies of wild men.

He worships the deity Buer, the Black Ram. Proteran stands atop the mountain of his peers and wavers not a hair in the face of the coming storm.

Order of the Black Ram (str)
Mountaineer (wis)
Templar/ Knight (cha)

Proteran Termosk'uer

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