Freelancers on the Frontier

First expedition

Journey to the mountain top





Tikani and Tonk left Brighton to plunder an unknown temple beneath a cabin at the top of the highest peak of the mountains to the north. Along the way they were tempted by a voice in the night coming from a well, passed an abandoned village in the forest and eventually explored a ruined fortess at the river split. It was here after a brutal combat with a plague knight and his two vulture demon servants that the pair met their next party addition  Baroona. Their journey north resumed and was uneventful until a night time ambush by a pair of Powrie warriors who were easily dispatched by Tonk. The journey up the mountain was difficult due to the freezing weather at the high altitude but they pressed on. Needing rations, Tikani backtracked to a path of woods they previously bypassed where he was surprised by an old forester named Zeke…who he promptly shot and killed. The group continued on and discovered a cemetery at the peak, as well as a cabin. Inside the petrified wood of the cabin they found a large book of names and dates, as well as a plethora of spoopy things.

Descending into the temple they found a hallway of faces, a room of hands, a chapel to profane worship, the residences of the original priesthood, a torture chamber and a locked door. The door was eventually unlocked by the gift of a tooth from a corpse they found above in the snow. Beyond lay a large complex of tombs and another library where they picked up an eye piece allowing them to read the profane language of Duvan'ku that was written prolifically throughout the complex. 

It was here that they decided to ascend back to the cabin to assess what they had found thus far. Led to the clock by a passage in a journal they found , Tikani removed an assortment liquid filled marbles from it and smashed them, releasing an entity that immediately possessed him and ran outside toward the cliff with intentions of suicide. Stopped by Baroona and then Tonk he fought off the possession. The entity then moved on to possess poor Tonk who then leapt into oblivion. 

Following the loss of their compatriot the remaining pair returned to Brighton to sell their purloined goods and drink away the memory of that cursed place. Baroona would go on to return to the mountain in order to keep others from making the same mistakes they did.



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