Freelancers on the Frontier

Third Expedition


Orn (SP?)

Kelvin (SP?)


The three adventurers head into the frontier in search of the one who waylaid and destroyed a party of Veronus' Pilgrims. They receive information that the perpetrator killed 6 of the holy men and then raised them from the dead to follow his(?) orders.

The party followed the river north where they came across a magus named Guthree studying a strange rune covered stone in the midst of a set of ruins. The group spoke with him and decided to make camp with him over night. In the middle of the night Prot saw Guthree in a fit of anxiety and investigated. The magus spoke three words and touched the stone causing the text to disappear the surface of the stone became pure black darkness. Guthree began to split down the middle as dozens of spider-like legs emerged and started to pull him open causing Prot to kick him backwards against the stone where Guthree disappeared. The group lined up defensively in anticipation of attack, but not was forthcoming. 

In the morning, with the first light of dawn, the gash of darkness returned to it's normal rune covered surface and the party decided to move on. They crossed the river at the split and proceeded to the highlands where they discovered a group of three corpses. In the distance, while burying the dead, they spied 6 scared looking pilgrims wandering toward them…..



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