Freelancers on the Frontier

Second expedition

A doomed jaunt





The three companions left Brighton to seek out the location of a group of three giants who they heard had killed a company of mercenaries and made off with their treasure. Their journey toom them along the river north where they first discovered a strange walled garden of olive trees. They awoke it's thorned guardian that Keaton was able to skewer with a single blow and feasted on the abundance of olives. Moving on they made camp for the night and were attacked by a group of seven plagued bandits. Mastus led a counter ambush and with the help of Boog's powerful sorcery and Keaton's deft spear work, the party prevailed. The final bandit, before finalizing his own death, revealed they served "the crone".

After resting they proceeded to cross the rain swollen river at the split and moved north west into the hilly highlands beyond. As a storm moved in a strange sight befell them on a neighboring hillock. A group of 8 robed and hooded figures stood in a circle, arms raised to the sky and chanting in unison. Unable to control his need to please his patron, Mastus moved to engage them in combat. After they ignored Mastus' attempts at harming them with his bow, Boog released his choking cloud on them, prompting immediate retribution in the form of lightning. The party was overwhelmed almost at once, and their ruins were smitten upon the hillside.

Boog was left smoldering on the hillside, a tiny charred husk of that was once the hopes and dreams of all children



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