Rumors are adventuring opportunities. They can be people looking to hire help, buzz in the tavern about new locations, or outright lies told by braggarts from The Company. Choose your leads wisely, or strike out and blaze your own trail across the Frontier. 

- A company merchant is hiring extra crew for a sail voyage to the fabled Yellow City in Yoon-Suin to trade artifacts for riches. He tells tales of the cities great wealth of tea, opium, and knowledge. 

-The Sage Hicrato (who recently sought hirelings for an expedition) has discovered a potentially valuable treasure cache in an artifact rich ruin his expedition discovered in the Duskwald. His group took heavy casualties in their initial explorations and so are seeking able bodies to help fortify their camp and investigate further into the ruins…

-The Brighton Militia is quarantining anyone showing illness and barring entry to many who they suspect of being ill. Another farming village NE has fallen victim to disease. 

-A farmers wagon fell into a sinkhole East of Brighton, there seemed to be a tower in the pit below.

- Brighton's Mayor has made an announcement that, in order to prevent conflict with the Shackled City, Bakare, anyone who has recovered the Eye of Dawn must return it immediately to the Chained Lady's Emissaries. There will be a reward to those who cooperate. The Company and Adventuring Freelancers are upset at this breach of Brighton's normally unregulated artifact trade. 

- A rather crazed looking fellow is asking anyone who will listen to help him return a cursed dagger to an evil temple in the mountains to the north. He claims he just can't fight the same as he used to since he picked it up.

- Ben has a delivery of supplies for his old friend Lu Yak, an old slug-man mystic that lives in the swamps to the west of Brighton. He's willing to pay in something more valuable than silver. 


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