Boog Da'Tan The Brave

A small Goblinoid child with a kitty-bear


Strength: 10
Dexterity: 7
Constitution: 13
Wisdom: 9
Intelligence: 16
Charisma: 15
HP: 5
AC: 0
Saves: +2 magic and mind effects
No armor, no weapon

A light green skinned goblinoid child with great big black eyes, standing 4’9" with a permanent smile. He spoke with a high pitch voice and had an insatiable appetite.

Magelight (1) : Produce an orb of light, bright enough to fill a small space. The light can be stuck to any solid surface. Five minute duration.
Darkness (1) : Conceal a 4×4 area in an impermeable darkness. The shadow does not negate sound nor smell and visibility is hampered both ways.
Acidic Touch (1-2) : After producing blood from your palm (heavily for spell burn), on touch, your blood begins to melt whatever it touches. This does not affect your hand (other than the cut).
Toxic Cloud (2-3) : Coat an area in a poisonous gas. The air is heavy with toxins and dissipates harmlessly within a minute. Any creature caught in the aura suffers the effects of the toxins.


Boog Da’Tan is a young Bhujerban magus. As a babe he was sold to the great magus Tolim Gurta as a servant, as is common practice with most Bhujerban boys. His servitude came with the heavy burden of playing live experiment for the magus Tolim. His body, over the years, became riddled with scars from any manner of instrument, medical or otherwise. Burns could easily be seen all across his back and legs. Though his time with the magus wasn’t without it’s benefit. Boog picked up quite a bit of arcane knowledge from the old codger, and after experimentation learned to apply his own blood as an acid. He carried with him, a small stuffed animal that looked like a kitten, a token of his younger years when he had to be coerced into standing the spells so his best friend (the kitty toy) wouldn’t have to. Boog was released from his servitude at the ripe age of 8, as that is when most Bhujerban boys begin their puberty, which is an independent factor to consider during experimentation.
He wondered the wilds for three weeks and wondered into a town where he saw the heroes Mastus and Keaton…

Boog Da'Tan The Brave

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